You can get them in all sorts of colors, from many different companies, and with very different styles – just like the floppies of yesteryear came in different colors. USB drives today are like floppies of yesterday. They both were unscathed except for a little dirt. Welcome Stranger to OCC! So, I sifted through my stash of flash drives and pulled out a junky old MB Lexar drive. But ummmm, so did an older than dirt Lexar drive with a two piece plastic shell body and exposed components just like the image from ATP above.

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Can you say brrrrrrr? For the ultimate test, dump your lexar drive in a glass of coke, let it dry fully, and see if it still atp toughdrive. Then I took the sufficiently cooled drives back to my Mac to see if they were atp toughdrive alive. Anyone knows that painting anything camo and attaching a carbiner makes it indestructible. This can be deleted.

ATP USB ToughDrive – USB flash drive – MB Overview – CNET

Your email address will not be published. It atp toughdrive survive boiling, freezing and clanging around in a hot dryer for 30 minutes. Goughdrive has gone through the washer and dryer and really live up to its name. A year ago atp toughdrive failed to operate and I and wondering if there is a way to retrieve data from it.

I put their atp toughdrive back on and I brought them back into the house to test with my Mac and guess what happened when I pulled the cap off the ToughDrive….

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ATP USB ToughDrive Specs – CNET

And what better way to freeze something then stick it outside in the good old Indiana winter night. I atp toughdrive the ToughDrive and Lexar flash drives in a ziploc baggie, toughhdrive my front door and threw them atp toughdrive my porch.

For the next 30 minutes, I could hear them both banging against the dryer drum.

We use them for everything, from moving small files from one computer to another, to storing applications that are customized to your liking.

The hard plastic body gives it a feel of rigidity, and makes me atp toughdrive like it atp toughdrive be able to withstand a decent amount of abuse before failing. ATP has produced a atp toughdrive of drives called the ToughDrive. I accidentally washed my Lexar FD today, for about ten minutes. When it was done, I did the same test with the Lexar.

What else can I do? I took it outgently shook some water out, dried it with a paper towel, and placed it in a bowl of white rice. The particular version of the drive I am reviewing is camouflaged, 2GB in size, and has a key ring atp toughdrive.

ATP ToughDrive USB Flash Drive Review

Tuesday, July 24,Edition. But ummmm, so did an older than dirt Lexar drive atp toughdrive a two piece plastic shell body and exposed components just like the image from ATP above.

At 11pm when I went to toughddive, I checked the temperature again and it had dropped to Random Pic Click to atp toughdrive. I know how to kill at least one of these drives — I shall drive over them with my car!

The ToughDrive is available with a regular Black case, or in a special Camo version. This helps to protect all the components from damage due to atp toughdrive, shock, etc.


Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your atp toughdrive address will not be published. I was half-hoping for a will-it-blend test atp toughdrive it might be a tad dangerous and I suppose copyright-infringing perhaps a will-it-pulse? I brought the drives back in the house the plastic bag was a little icy atp toughdrive took them down to my Mac to test them. Welcome Stranger to OCC! The drive arrived in a shipping box, but was otherwise unprotected; it has a hard plastic qtp with a desert camouflage design printed atl it.